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 About Us

We are a group of online daters, qualified personal development coaches, certified lie detection specialists and experienced profile writers. We want to make sure you have the best and safest experience possible when dating.
Our mission is to help you, your friends, family and children stay safe and informed when dating online and face to face.
We provide a series of free downloads and other products you can buy online to help you with your dating journey. Coming soon:
  • Write your ideal dating profile - using psychology and research based techniques to attract your  date. 
  • How to spot if your date is lying - body language, language patterns and facial expressions
  • Investigate your date online - Internet searching to find someone.Become an internet detective 
  • So your child is dating - information for parents 
  • Mature dating. What to do if you are dating after a long term relationship
For more information click HERE
We are not gender or sexual orientation specific with our information. We would love to hear from you if you have any ideas to share or stories to tell us about dating.
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“I used dating investigation techniques to find out my date was wanted to for insurance fraud in the USA"

Sophie from Hong Kong

“I met a guy in the bakery and he gave me his number. Using Dating Investigation search techniques I found out he was married with 3 children"

Maria from Hong Kong

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