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We want you to stay safe wherever you are in the world. To help you, you could follow the suggestions below:

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General Information


When Meeting Online


1. Get to know them first

Meeting on video call is great. Then you can see surroundings and when you get to know when better maybe ask them to see a little more of their surroundings. Eventually they may want to show your their friends and meet family. 

2. Keep your contact information safe

Until you really get to know them and trust them. 

3. Do some online detective work if needed

Our online investigation tutorial or tutoring can give you the basics of how to investigate your date if needed. However check out their social media is you can and any online google searches as well.

4. Choose carefully if you decide to part with any money. You could investigate the person you are speaking to before you send any money to them.

When Meeting In Person

1. Meet in a public place

This can be a bar, cafe or restaurant. Make sure it is somewhere not too remote and fairly busy. We suggest drinks to start so that you are not tied into a meal in case you want to leave

2. Make sure you know the full name of the person you are meeting.

Some people may not want to disclose full names, but it is worth asking and letting them know you just ask people to stay safe on a first date.

3. Let friends know where you are going and who you are meeting

Tell a few friends or family where you are going and who you are meeting 

4. Have transport booked from the venue

You can always postpone if you want to leave later, but having a taxi or other transport booked can help

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