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He Was Texting His Exes The Whole Time

When I met Robin he was perfect. Tall, dark, handsome. A cliche I know.

Ok so I am suspicious and the first thing I noticed is that he hid his phone screen the whole time. Well, we were both dating other people, so I suppose that ok. However, there were a few things that started happening.

We decided to make that commitment and not see others, but my spider-sense was tingling......There was just something not right.

Still hiding his phone and having no access to anyone he actually knew as a friend meant that I was starting to be suspicious.

"Can I meet your friends?" I asked.

"I don't have any." He said. However, on regular occasions, he said he would be meeting "friends".

Eventually, I asked about this.

"Oh, they are female Tinder friends. I met them and we still see each other. Nothing happening, just friends. I went round to one for dinner and she cooked for me. I went to another and I did some DIY for her."

I am really interested to hear opinions on this to find out what you all think?

Eventually, I found out he had been seeing others, still chatting. He was an addict. Could not let it go. He was still on all the apps. Quietly making "friends" in the background. Backups for me.

This was not for me and needless to say, we are no longer together.

People are split on this. Some say that I should be understanding. People have friends of the opposite sex. Others say get the f**k out of there. What do you think?

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