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The Tale of One Man and his Dog

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

How long is it until you meet someone? Me? I prefer to chat for a while. Others decide to meet face to face pretty much straight away so that you can see if there is that click. I suppose I am wondering if I am really addicted to the excitement of the chat. Then when the meeting happens ultimate disappointment (usually!!)

So this guy I met online, of course. Chatted on Sunday. I was going for a run on Saxon Road. He apparently was a regular up there.

"If you see a man up there running with a German Shepherd, that's me"

he said.

The wheels of memory start turning. Something about a German Shepherd, which is my favourite dog. Something I remember about a German Shepherd on my favourite running road........

I met the guy the next day. Well dressed and extremely funny and charming. I liked him, but there was one thing which was bugging me. I mentioned the dog again and he said that it was probably someone else running a German Shepherd on Saxon Road now. Unusual, but possible. So I said to him directly.

"I have definitely seen a German Shepherd being run on Saxon Road, but it was always with a couple. A male and female couple. The guy looked like you".

I could see the wheels then turning in his mind until he said..

"Oh, that would be me and my wife"….......

What the *****???? 

When I said this to him. He had 2 choices. Either lie and say it was not him with the risk I see them and confront him. Or he tells the truth and takes a risk.

He told me confidently him and his wife may or may not be separating permanently. She lives abroad and visits home in regularly. This is the way it is in in this town??????

I downed my drink and left telling the bar staff he was paying.

He did send a follow up text saying he was sorry he upset me and that if ever wanted to meet up for some fun???........

I responded saying I would be sure to give me regards to him and his wife when I saw them next. I have not seen them on Saxon Road since!

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