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The Tale Of The Girl Who Followed Me Home

I went on a date with this girl. She wasn’t really my type, but we met up anyway as we’ve been getting on so well. Of course we met on a dating app. We met in an underground bar, which is pretty cool and it’s really good cocktails. She was already there when I arrived. We had quite a good evening just to set the scene, it was pretty dark down there. We left after dark as well.

We had quite a good time so we arranged to meet again. This time during the day in another bar. We met and I don’t know whether I was a bit drunk before, but she didn’t really look how I remembered, but she was sweet enough again so we had a couple of drinks. However, when we were in the light this time I could see something that hadn’t been apparent on any of her photos or in the dark bar. She must’ve kept her mouth shut a lot because many of her teeth were almost black. A couple were also missing, however even worse than that was that when she spoke she would spit at me. I’m not sure whether she was aware of this or if she just didn’t care, but it was pretty gross. If I was talking and she talked at the same time then some of it will go in my mouth which was really disgusting. I only noticed it this time because I could see it. So we’ve basically been getting quite cosy in this underground bar before and I think we’ve been sharing quite a lot of bodily fluids already. It just made me feel really really sick.

At the end of the date she asked if I wanted to meet again. It was a definite no from me. I said I just wasn’t feeling the feels like I should be. She was pretty annoyed with me. She just kept saying about how well we got on, how we love the same music, how everything was a match. It was and I do feel a bit guilty because I suppose I should not dislike her just because of her teeth. You can change your teeth. I could’ve mentioned that she couldn’t stop spitting on me, but at the same time it’s still pretty gross and it’s not something that I wanted to approach on the second or third date.

We left the bar and I started going in one direction and she started following me. I knew that her place was in the complete opposite direction so I was wondering what was happening. Maybe she was just going somewhere else, but she had said she was going home……

I kept turning around and she looked really really evil and was staring at me. Okay, so I’m a guy and maybe I shouldn’t be scared of a girl following me home, but she was being so weird when I told her that I don’t want to meet her again I was wondering what was going to happen. She followed me for a good 10 minutes, I was nearly home, but kept walking away from my place so she would not know where I lived. Then she turned around and went back in the opposite direction. I got back home after a long walk to make sure she was not following me and blocked her on everything. I know it’s only a small thing but it did freak me out a little bit. Totally cray cray experience!!!!!

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