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The Tale Of The Profile Pic Liar!

Ever been on a date and they did not look ANYTHING like their picture? This is what happened when I went on a date with a girl who looked nothing like her picture......AT ALL!!!!!

Okay, so we shouldn't be with somebody based on looks alone. However, when it comes to meeting at date there has to be a level of attractiveness that draws us in to start with. After all if you don't find them cute then it's just not going to work out is it?

So why do people keep insisting on putting unrealistic pictures on their profiles? It's just ridiculous because we're going to find out what you look like when we meet. I understand putting your best face forward, but if filters mean that you look nothing like the person I'm going to meet just go away, I don't want anything to do with you.

This is what happened when I met a girl who walked in and looked nothing like her photo.

Her pictures look great, she's put slim build on her profile which is what I personally find attractive. Our chat had been good so far so we agreed to meet.

I had already arrived at the bar early, and bought a drink. I was waiting at the door as it was the only seat. A girl walked by and I thought she looked semi familiar. She walked past, stopped turned round and came back. It was then that I realised it was the person I had matched with, albeit only just recognisable in real life.

She stood in front of me and introduced herself. It was all I could do to keep from sitting there with my mouth open like a goldfish, totally in shock. This was nothing like the person I had seen on the dating profile. She said she was going to go and get herself a drink and came back shortly with a glass of red wine.

We had a conversation and it was fairly decent. It wasn't even that she looked nothing like her pictures, it's the fact that she was such a big dammed fraud that really annoyed me. After I finish my drink she asked if I was going to have another. I said to her:

"You know what, I'm just not feeling the chemistry here or the click. So if it's okay with you I'm just gonna call it a night and go home".

She seemed pretty damned angry about this as well. In quite an unpleasant tone of voice she said:

"Great, and you can tell this in all of (looked at her watch)...spending 40 minutes with me? You're that good judge of character? Seriously?"

It was at that point that I snapped, after having being polite and sat there nicely looking into the face of her fraud for that full 40 minutes.

"Okay if we're going to be totally honest, I just don't find you in the slightest bit attractive!"

At that point she left the building. It may have been a bit harsh, but quite honestly she was so rude to me I felt like it was deserved. I probably saw her true colours right there and then.

The moral of the story? Don't be a liar. Don't use the filters so your profile pics look nothing like you. It just makes you a liar, and makes the situation really uncomfortable for your date.

Be true to yourself. The right person will love you for who you are!!

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